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...Thanks for all of the good work you guys do. I really appreciate the quality, value and diversity of your cutters. You are by far the best I have found!
-Kristin in Austin

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Mini Circle Cookie CutterMini Circle Cookie Cutter
See decorated examples of this cookie cutter shape below.
Click here for a full description or to buy this handmade cookie cutter.
Our copper cookie cutters are handmade daily in our Kansas Workshop.

Mini Circle Cookie Cutter

This circle cookie cutter is one of our most versatile shapes. Decorate it as a citrus ring, baseball, basketball, wheel, ship's steering wheel or even a portal window into an ocean full of fish. These cookies were decorated using sanding sugar on top of buttercream icing; but you can easily use different colors of royal icing to decorate the cookies.

Baseball shaped sugar cookies are so easy to decorate! After you've baked and cooled your cookies made with a baseball cookie cutter, you'll need to flood your cookie with icing. To flood a cookie, first mix your icing and add your coloring. Icing should be stiff enough to form peaks but not enough to hold a spoon upright. Remove 1/3 of the icing to an icing bag with a #3 decorating tip. Add water, one tablespoon at a time, to the remaining 2/3rds icing until the icing is smooth enough that icing dipped out and dolloped back into the bowl sinks back down to a smooth surface within 30-45 seconds. Move the thin icing to a decorating bag (with any tip) or a squeeze bottle. Using the thick icing and number #3 tip, quickly and smoothly outline the cookie. This takes practice so don't be discouraged your first time! Make a complete outline around the area you want your icing- you are creating a dam to hold the thin icing when it floods the cookie. Now, using the thin icing, squeeze the icing into the inside of the cookie, helping it spread- if necessary- with a damp paintbrush. Adding too little will make the covering too thin, but adding too much can make the cookie overflow- so add just a bit of icing at a time till the icing has flooded evenly. Allow flooded coat to dry (2-6 hours, depending on how thin the icing was) before adding embellishments or icing details. Once the white base icing is dry, you can add two red half circles along the cookie as "seams", and then evenly spaced stitches along the seam. For a themed party or event, you can squiggle the signature of a favorite baseball player or your soon-to-be famous little leaguer.

Mini Circle Cookie Cutter

Mini Circle Cookie Cutter

Mini Circle Cookie Cutter

Mini Circle Cookie Cutter

Mini Circle Cookie Cutter

Mini Circle Cookie Cutter

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