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...Thanks for all of the good work you guys do. I really appreciate the quality, value and diversity of your cutters. You are by far the best I have found!
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Cookie or Candy Writers (Red)Cookie or Candy Writers (Red)
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Cookie or Candy Writers (Red)

To use candy writers you first have to melt the candy inside. After warming the tube should feel warm, not hot. There are several ways to warm the candy writers. The main thing to remember is TO NOT OVERHEAT!

  • HOT WATER: Place tube in hot, but not boiling water to melt. Turn and knead while you are heating to assure even melting. Keep warm in glass of hot tap water.

  • MICROWAVE: Be extremely careful! Not recommended, but possible. Heat for only a few seconds at a time and knead the tube between cooking times. Be careful not to overheat. The tubes are plastic and can melt, ruining contents.

  • HEATING PAD: If you are heating several tubes of the candy writers you can use a heating pad on the lowest setting. Wrap candy writers in the heating pad for one to two hours or until soft. Keep candy writers in the wrapped heating pad while you work with individual colors.

  • ELECTRIC SKILLET: Cover the bottom of the electric skillet with a clean, dry, terry cloth hand towel and heat skillet on the lowest setting. Place candy writers on top of the towel, cover and heat for one to two hours or until the contents have melted. Keep candy writers in the electric skillet while you work with individual colors.

  • Cookie or Candy Writers (Red)

    The red hair on this cookie was done with a red candy writer.

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