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...Thanks for all of the good work you guys do. I really appreciate the quality, value and diversity of your cutters. You are by far the best I have found!
-Kristin in Austin

Cookie Decorating

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Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5
See decorated examples of this cookie cutter shape below.
Click here for a full description or to buy this handmade cookie cutter.
Our copper cookie cutters are handmade daily in our Kansas Workshop.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

Take chilled dough out of the refrigerator. Place between sheets of parchment paper and roll out to desired thickness. We used our perfect dough rolling pin and the blue 3/16-inch rings and rolled our dough out perfectly, with no lumps or bumps.
You can also make this star tree with 1/4-inch thick cookies.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

Use cookie cutters and cut out your stars. You will need 5 to 6 cookies for each star size
and one extra small star for the top.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

It was very hot the day we baked these cookies so we left the cutters on the dough and removed the excess with our tapered icing spatula. Remove the cutters before baking. Then slide the parchment paper and cut-out cookies onto a jumbo cookie sheet.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

Bake gingerbread cookies about a minute longer than the recipe calls for, or until the edges
start to turn brown. You need to overbake a little because you need a firm cookie to build the star tree.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

Baking cookies on parchment paper makes it easy to slide hot cookies onto a cooling rack.
Parchment paper also prevents cookies from spreading.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

You will need at least 26 cookies to form a tree that measures about 11-1/4 inches tall when complete.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

Stack your star cookies. Stick the layers together with stiff royal icing. If you don't plan to eat your tree you can use hot glue. The number and thickness of cookies you use will determine the height of your tree. We used five of the largest star cookies for our base.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

As you build your tree, rotate the corners of the stars so that the tips are staggered.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

We used 25 stars in our tree stack. At this point the tree measures 8-1/2 inches tall.
We saved one small star for the top.

Star Cookie Cutters, Set of 5

We kept the decorations simple for our gingerbread cookie tree. We used white royal icing to decorate the tips of the stars. We sprinkled the wet icing with white sugar crystals and topped each tip with red sugar pearls and green sugar pearls. The top star was outlined with icing, sprinkled with crystal sugar and placed on top. This tree is fun to make, easy to decorate and smells wonderful!

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